System Architecture

System Architecture

Fiddler conceptual diagram depicts the various Fiddler services and shows how the traffic gets routed in and out of the application. All access to the Fiddler application and its services are through Load Balancer. The application consists of three layers

  • Layer 1: comprises an external facing load balancer and internal facing Envoy proxy or Ingress-nginx controller, a Kubernetes built-in configuration for HTTP load balancing that defines rules for external connectivity to Kubernetes services

  • Layer 2: comprises Fiddler services; Admin, Authz, Compacter, Data, Executor, Event, and Monitoring services. These services are scalable to match the customer needs.

  • Layer 3: comprises Queue, Storage and Databases.

  • Logging & Monitoring: have a log collector and aggregation service using FluentD and Loki and use Prometheus-Grafana for visualization and alerting.

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