On-prem Installation Guide

Installation Guide

When installing Fiddler on your cloud, Fiddler will send you a zipped directory containing a readme and the configuration files to set up the various Fiddler services. The readme contains a detailed step-by-step installation guide. The steps comprise (at a high level):

  1. Either identify an existing K8s cluster on which to install Fiddler or provision a new one within your environment of choice (Vanilla v1.14-1.16, Azure AKS, GCP GKE, AWS EKS)
  2. Provision a postgres SQL db (or Azure Postgresql, GCP Cloudsql, or AWS RDS Postgresql)
  3. Download the Fiddler deployment images from our container repo (typically quay.io) using the URL + credentials contained in the readme
  4. Follow the steps in the readme to update the config files to point to the right db instance
  5. Run the installation scripts provided in the readme

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