Deploying Fiddler

Deployment Overview

Fiddler provides multiple deployment options. You can deploy Fiddler on your local machine, or in your favorite cloud provider.

Both our managed and on-premise deployments use managed Kubernetes.

  • Fiddler Managed – With our managed deployment, we create a custom VPC cluster for your organization within our Fiddler AWS cloud. We will onboard your team onto Fiddler (look out for an email link to sign up).

  • On-premise - In this option, Fiddler is deployed on your private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, or your own data center). In order to deploy Fiddler onto your private cloud or data center, please refer to the On-prem Technical Requirements section for more details.



Interested in a Fiddler Cloud or on-premises deployment? Please contact

Deploy on cloud

Fiddler cloud deployment uses a managed Kubernetes service to deploy, scale, and manage the application. We'll handle the specifics!

Deploy on-premise

Deploy locally

Fiddler onebox deployment is mainly provided to enable our prospect customers get to know Fiddler. This option gives you the ability to install Fiddler on your machine. This option is limited and does not scale for complex models. To meet enterprise needs, you need to use one of our Cloud deployment options.

If you already have a Fiddler Onebox downloadable link, follow the links to complete the install.

[^1]: Join our community Slack to ask any questions

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