With Fiddler, you can create comprehensive dashboards that bring together all of your monitoring data in one place. This includes monitoring charts for data drift, traffic, data integrity, and performance metrics. Adding monitoring charts to your dashboards lets you create a detailed view of your model's performance. These dashboards can inform your team, management, or stakeholders, and make data-driven decisions that help improve your AI performance.

View a list of the available metrics for monitoring charts here.

Dashboards Functionality

Dashboards offer a powerful way to analyze the overall health and performance of your models, as well as to compare multiple models.

Dashboard Filters

  • Flexible filters including date range, time zone, and bin size to customize your view

Chart Utilities

Automatic & Default Dashboards

  • Fiddler automatically creates a monitoring dashboard for all your models that can be accessed as Insights throughout the platform

  • Easily save, delete, or share your dashboard
  • Click on a chart name to edit the base chart
  • Remove and add monitoring charts to your dashboard
  • Perform model-to-model comparison
  • Plot drift or data integrity for multiple columns in one view

Checkout more on the Dashboards UI Guide.

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