Release Notes 2022-12-12

This page enumerates the new features and updates in this release of the Fiddler platform...

Release of Fiddler platform version 22.11:

  • Alert authoring and maintenance via the Fiddler Client
  • Scale & performance improvements
  • New Add Model APIs via the Fiddler Client
  • Alert on Metadata Columns

What's New and Improved:

  • Support for alert authoring and management via the Fiddler Client
    • Add and delete alert rules
    • Retrieve alert rules and triggered alerts
    • Setup alert notifications via Slack, email, and PagerDuty
    • Learn more through the API Reference Docs and User Guide
  • Support for new add model APIs via the Fiddler Client
    • Deprecated register_model, now using add_model in combination with add_model_surrogate instead
    • Deprecated trigger_pre_computation
    • Deprecated upload_model_package, now using add_model_artifact
  • Support for setting monitoring alerts on metadata columns
    • Ability to configure Data Drift and Data Integrity alerts on metadata columns
  • Scale and performance improvements for monitoring metrics
    • Significant service refactoring for faster computing of monitoring metrics

Client Version

Client version 1.5 is required for the updates and features mentioned in this release.