Dashboard Interactions

Remove a Chart

If you want to remove a chart from your dashboard, simply click on the "X" located at the top right of the chart. This will remove the chart from the dashboard, but it will still be available in the saved charts list for future use. If you change your mind and decide to add the chart back to the dashboard, you can simply find it in the saved charts list and add it back to the dashboard at any time.

Edit a Saved Chart

To edit a saved chart, simply click on the chart title within your dashboard. This will open the chart studio in a new tab, where you can make any necessary changes. Once you have made your changes, be sure to select the Default time range and then use the Dashboard refresh button to see your updated chart.


To zoom into a chart within your dashboard, you have two different utilities at your disposal. The first one is located on the top right of the chart component, in the toolbar. After clicking on the zoom icon, you can drag your cursor over the data points you wish to zoom into.

You can also use the** horizontal zoom bar **located at the base of the chart to zoom in. Once you've identified the time range you want to focus on, you can use the zoom bar to drag the range across time. For instance, if you want to analyze your data week by week over the past six months, you can use the toolbar or horizontal zoom bar to zoom in on the desired time range and then click and drag the selected range using the base horizontal zoom bar.

Bar & Line Charts

You can switch between visualizing your chart as a line or a bar chart using the toolbar icons. Click on the line chart icon on the top right of the chart to switch to the line chart view. Likewise, select the bar chart icon in the toolbar to switch to the bar chart view. However,_ note that these views are only temporary and any settings you specify using the toolbar will not be saved to the dashboard._

Undo Chart Toolbar Changes

You can easily restore the changes you applied to your chart using the chart toolbar options, including zoom, switch to line chart, and switch to bar chart. The restore option, which is the last icon in the toolbar, allows you to undo any changes you made and return to the original chart configuration.

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