Inviting Users

Invite a user to Fiddler

🚧 To invite a user to Fiddler, you will need Administrator permissions. If you do not have access to an Administrator account, please contact your server administrator.

Inviting a user is easy. From anywhere on the Fiddler UI, just follow these four steps:

  1. Go to the Settings page.

  2. Click on the Access tab.

  3. Click on the Invitations section.

  4. Click on the plus icon on the right.



When you click on the plus icon, an invite popup screen will appear as follows:

Once the invitation has been sent, the user should receive a signup link at the email provided.

In the case where the email address is not associated with an inbox, you can get the invite link by clicking Copy invite link after the invitation has been created.


What if I'm using SSO?

Whether you are using normal sign-on or single sign-on, the process for inviting users is the same.

If using SSO, a user should still sign up using their invitation link. Once they have created their account, their SSO login will be enabled.

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