Deploying Fiddler

Deployment Overview

Fiddler runs on most mainstream flavors and configurations of Kubernetes, including OpenShift, Rancher, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS), GCP Google Kubernetes Engine, and more.

  • Our premises—Fiddler is offered as a fully managed service, deployed within an isolated network and dedicated hardware in the cloud.

  • Your premises—Deploy Fiddler into a Kubernetes cluster running in your own cloud account or data center. Please refer to the On-prem Technical Requirements section for more details.

📘 Info

Interested in a Fiddler Cloud or on-premises deployment? Please contact

Deploy on cloud

Fiddler cloud deployment uses a managed Kubernetes service to deploy, scale, and manage the application. We'll handle the specifics! Please contact

Deploy on-premise

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