Uploading A Ranking Model Artifact

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For more information on uploading a model artifact to Fiddler, see Uploading a Model Artifact.

Suppose you would like to upload a model artifact for a ranking model.

Following is an example of what the package.py script may look like.

import pickle
from pathlib import Path
import pandas as pd

PACKAGE_PATH = Path(__file__).parent

class ModelPackage:

    def __init__(self):
        self.output_columns = ['score']
        with open(PACKAGE_PATH / 'model.pkl', 'rb') as infile:
            self.model = pickle.load(infile)
    def predict(self, input_df):
        pred = self.model.predict(input_df)
        return pd.DataFrame(pred, columns=self.output_columns)
def get_model():
    return ModelPackage()

Here, we are assuming that the model prediction column that has been specified in the fdl.ModelInfo object is called score.

Please checkout this quickstart notebook to work through an example of onboarding a ranking model on to Fiddler.

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