Constructs a DatasetInfo object from a pandas DataFrame.

Input ParametersTypeDefaultDescription
dfUnion [pd.Dataframe, list]Either a single pandas DataFrame or a list of DataFrames. If a list is given, all dataframes must have the same columns.
display_namestr' 'A display_name for the dataset
max_inferred_cardinalityOptional [int]100If specified, any string column containing fewer than max_inferred_cardinality unique values will be converted to a categorical data type.
dataset_idOptional [str]NoneThe unique identifier for the dataset
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('example_dataset.csv')

dataset_info = fdl.DatasetInfo.from_dataframe(df=df, max_inferred_cardinality=100)
Return TypeDescription
fdl.DatasetInfoA fdl.DatasetInfo() object constructed from the pandas Dataframe provided.