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Authorization and Access Control

Organization Roles

Fiddler access control comes with some preset roles. There are two global roles at the organization level

  • ADMINISTRATOR — Has complete access over every aspect of the organization.
  • MEMBER — Access is assigned at the project and model level.

Organization Roles

Project Roles

Each project supports its own set of permissions for its users.

There are three roles that can be assigned:

  • OWNER — Assigns super-user permissions to the user.
  • WRITE — Allows a user to perform write operations (e.g. uploading datasets and/or models, using slice and explain, sending events to Fiddler for monitoring, etc).
  • READ — Allows a user to perform read operations (e.g. getting project/dataset/model metadata, accessing pre-existing charts, etc.).

Project Roles

Some notes about these roles:

  • A user who creates a project is assigned the OWNER role by default.
  • A project OWNER or an organization ADMINISTRATOR can share/unshare projects with other users or teams.
  • Only the OWNER only and an organization ADMINISTRATOR have access to a project until that project is explicitly shared with others.
  • Project roles can be assigned to individual users or teams by the project OWNER or by an organization ADMINISTRATOR.

Project Settings

Project Settings Add


A team is a group of users.

  • Each user can be a member of zero or more teams.
  • Team roles are associated with project roles (i.e. teams can be granted READ, WRITE, and/or OWNER permissions for a project).

Click here for more information on teams.

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