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System Requirements

The requirements and installation steps for deploying Fiddler’s scalable centralized platform architecture using different cloud services provider are described below.

Fiddler Platform

Fiddler System requirements for scalable Centralized platform Architecture

  • Deployment: Managed k8s
  • Compute: 8 cores, 32GB memory per instance (Recommended m5.2xlarge or equivalent)
  • Minimum 2 instances (for product services)
  • Database: DB storage (Assuming total dataset size < 100GB)
  • Persistent volume: 3 blocks (rabbitmq - 32GB, postgres - 256GB)
  • Shared Storage: S3 or compatible Object Store - min 128GB (depends on data and type of models)
  • Container Registry: Quay or ECR
  • Ingress Controller: Envoy-proxy/ingress-nginx
  • DNS/IP address: Need to set up an IP address and direct to m/c where Fiddler is running
  • Logs: Accessibility to application logs

Software Packages

  • Python3 (RHEL)
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS


Depending on the cloud service provider, the following services are needed to deploy Fiddler

Data Center AWS Azure Cloud GCP
Load Balanacer Elastic Load Balancer Azure Load Balancer Cloud Load Balancer
VM Server Elastic Cloud Compute Azure Virtual Machine Compute Engine
Managed K8s (Openshift Vanilla K8s) Elastic Kubernetes Service Azure Kubernetes Service Google Kubernetes Engine
Persistent Volume/NFS Elastic Block Storage Managed Disk Persistent Disk
Object Store (S3 HS3 MinIO) S3 Blob Storage Cloud Storage
Postgresql (Enterprise-grade) RDS Postgresql Postgresql Cloud SQL
DNS Route 53 Azure DNS Cloud DNS
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