Release 2022-07-28

This product release has improvements in four areas:

  • API improvements
  • New homepage -> Single Pane of Glass
  • Ranking Label Update
  • Class Imbalanced - Event level weighting

The following section captures the new and improved features within this release.

  • API Improvements: The core focus of these API improvements is to enable monitoring-only use cases. Customers can always enable XAI use-cases by either uploading a model artifact or through the surrogate model that Fiddler creates.
    • New Client APIs
      • add_model()
      • add_model_surrogate()
      • add_model_artifact()
    • Model Info Changes
      • A new boolean was added to indicate whether artifacts/explanations are available on this model object or not. This will be for cases when a monitoring-only use case is enabled i.e. no model package (surrogate or custom) associated with it.
    • Modified Client APIs
      • delete_model(project_name, model_name)
  • New homepage
    • Single Pane of Glass to view models across all projects
    • Async job status tracking
    • Alert monitoring summary and visualizations
  • Ranking Label Update
    • Enables label updates for ranking models
    • Adds a utility function for users to transform data to the correct format
  • Updates to Imbalanced model monitoring
    • Enables user-specified weights per event in the reference (not production) data for class imbalance use cases


This release is applicable to Fiddler server version 22.8 and Fiddler client version 1.3.